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The Mouse with Two Father Groups

We have seen parts in our life where a male and female can make babies together. In the last few years, we saw that two female embryo’s of the mouse group can create babies of their own too. But this year we just saw that a male and another male can make babies too! Isn’t that great?!

In a new study published on the 11th October 2018 in the Cell Stem Cell, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made a similar process of the building up of the embryo from two female mothers in a distinct way with the embryo’s of two male fathers instead.

The experiment with the pups from the two female mothers survived for a longer duration but in this case of the two male fathers, the pups couldn’t survive longer due to less exposure of oxygen.

This is the first ever research done overall in the history of Science and it is quite appreciated all over the world. Many scientists came forward to express their appreciation towards the team working on this experiment.

Scientists found that the bi-maternal mice made with haploid stem cells bearing genetic deletions in two imprinted regions performed abnormally in behavioral tests and had a smaller body stature.

They then tried to mix up the research that was done on the two female mothers and use their biotype to add on the two male fathers. After seven trails of the invention, they finally came up with a conclusion. The sixth trial of the invention came up as a strong factor as the pups stayed on long for about 48 hours. But they still couldn’t adapt to the environment and passed away due to breathlessness.

This new invention has made us all amused with the type of development that Science has been making us proud about.

So if you can make babies out of two male fathers, drop us an email if you think you can.

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