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Percentage of Children in the US on not getting proper vaccinations quadrupled since 2001

Vaccination in growing age is a big part of life. According to reports released by the Federal health data, it has been brought to attention that children under the age of 2 years have not been receiving the proper number of vaccination in the US. The number has dropped by 2% in the last 17 years.

Every parent around the globe vaccinates his/her child to prevent them from having any pediatric diseases, measles, bacterial diseases and etc. This induces vaccination protection against all these preventable diseases.

According to reports, many preschoolers and kindergarten children have been found unvaccinated since the percentage dropped. Parents happen to be less keen on getting their follow-ups of the vaccination done for the prevention.

According to CDC analysis of a national immunization survey, 1.3% of the children that were born in the year 2015have not received any of the recommended vaccinations. They compared this chart with 0.9% in 2011 and with 0.3% of 19-35montholds who had not received any immunizations.

Amanda Cohn, a pediatrician from the uptown said “This is something we’re definitely concerned about. We know there are parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids and there may be parents who want to but aren’t able to get their children immunized”.

Many states in the US have had reports on the measles diseases on a vast scale in the last decade. Children in the rural areas received no vaccination at all since 2017 than children that live in the urban areas. About 7% of the fall has been reported.

Studies show that things like these happen when there is a less literacy rate as they are not aware of activities like this. People who understand and support immunization benefits should take more interest by making the less educated about being aware of all the healthcare activities and keep them updated every time a new invention is done.

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