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Facebook tested a new secretive system which hears you through skin

As we all know that Facebook is making the worlds smartest skin laptop with the coolest functions ever seen before. This invention is been made by a group of Building 8 along with a cardiologist from Stanford University.

The Facebook team called upon the outlining of the paper from the Building 8 team and other members as they published the article at the IEEE Transaction Journal on Haptics.

The invention is pretty cool as it is a noninvasive brain sensor which is designed by cardiologist Freddy Abnousi. This device converts your thought process into text so technically it is something that hears you through your skin as it is placed on your arm.

Freddy Abnousi along with his team of 12 researchers from Building 8 created this prototype device that includes a wearable armband which vibrates to turn the roots of the words that you speak.

It uses a technique as we speak the sounds that we produce with our mouth that further gets broken into a smaller set of phonemes or root sounds. So it’s basically the phonemes concept that is been used by the device. The words that we use creates its own vibratory pattern and has a different pattern for one of its own kind.

In an interview with one of the UCSF neuroscientist, he said “This hardware device has many degrees of freedom. You have electrodes that vibrate and you can use that to create a symbol, and then take those symbols and map them onto speech.”

Facebook is not the only one that has been creating a brain-machine interface endeavor. A company founded by Elon Musk named Neuralink has racing to achieve the same goal. Several other startups have also built up similar projects in creating this type of prototype.

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