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Facebook soon to launch Unsend option for its users

The Facebook team has always been upon exploring new crazy things for their updates and this time they have come up with the “unsend message” feature.

As awesome as it sounds, it enables its users to unsend a text if you’ve drunk texted someone or emotionally traumatized ’ly texted someone or may any kind be the case. This helps you protected with your emotion breakdown statics.

The unsend option has always been a Google’s feature where if you send an email to anyone there pops a screen for a few seconds asking you if you want to undo sending the mail.

This feature has also been seen on Instagram since some months back where it allows you to unsend any text that was sent by mistakenly.

The same feature with “delete messages for everyone” and “delete message for you” option was given by the latest WhatsApp feature.

It allows you to delete messages for the same kind and lets you sit back relaxed if any wrong messages were being sent. Instead of texting sorry messages you can just instantly delete this unwanted messages.

It’s a very interesting feature of development that was revealed by CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. He was actually found to delete messages that he had sent from the recipient inboxes.

The incident had raised many privacy concerns and many took this issue with Zuckerberg’s abuse of power due to the fact that the apparent ability to “unsend” a message isn’t available to other users yet.

After this news, Facebook said it would make this feature accessible to everyone, but no news has developed until now. Many screenshots developed from a Facebook user show the ability to unsend a message through the app but also this feature only allows you to unsend a message for a limited period of time.

As reported, it does sound cool but many people have shown disinterest in this new feature from Facebook. Now let’s see how it turns out when it gets featured officially.

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