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The Cybersecurity 202: Google and Facebook bring changes in their privacy settings

Ever had troubles with the pop up of ads with offers and spam websites displaying all over your screen?!

Anything that we look up for on the Internet is somewhere to be seen everywhere later with its ads and emails spamming all our accounts.. ever wondered why this happens? – it’s because all the app developers take over all the data information from our accounts and then keep spamming us with these tiny little fancy ads causing mishaps with our security policies.

Finally taking into account, your personal data would not be in any wrong hands hereafter as published by Google as they have updated their privacy settings which enables you to handle your own personal data.

This feature was presented before to let users modify their small business, foundations and to help them grow.., but as a matter of fact, people have been only trying to spam its users with wrong data.

This matter was brought into action when published in an article with the type of trouble people had to go through after their personal data got leaked. As this issue was further approached by many, Google finally made good corrections in their system.

And it’s not only Google that is doing good deeds.., but Facebook has also updated their privacy policies by blocking these app developers to get any personal data from its users. They said that no information whatsoever from their users would ever get leaked out.

People have a lot of personal information in their emails, accounts etc., from medical reports, bills, payments… it’s all there on the Internet.

Spamming and keeping an eye on this information would create a lot of mess around their personal beliefs, so it’s better to be aware of things like the Internet scams.

After Google and Facebook, many other companies have also been after keeping their own data safe in their own hands… they are most likely to be soon applying these changes in their systems as well.

So we hope that in the future there would be no such issues happening on the Internet as an individual personal property is the most sensitive property to be ever found.

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