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Facebook’s revenue with ads to increase by 10 million dollars by 2020

Facebook is a lot more interesting and sometimes also very irritating with the ad videos that are been followed up on our timeline pages. As good and bad at the same time as it sounds, this has proved to be on an up level for Facebook.

After Google, Facebook has been called upon the second rank for its largest online platform. It has also been reported to be on the top social network platform for their video ads with a total revenue of $6.8 billion this year.

Reports suggest that by the year 2020, Facebook’s social network video ads also including Instagram, it’s revenue might increase and go up to $10.2 billion.

Reports are also to be said that Facebook’s rival competitors Twitter and Snapchat would go only up to $744 million and $724 million with the video ad revenue by the year 2020.

With the Facebook watch videos option which got released last year and with Instagram’s IGTV which got released in the summer of 2018… this has got up to the increase in the number of views and shares which has further lead to the revenue increase.

With the too many security changes and rules since the last election… it’s also said that the increase in the rate would also not be effective if the rival companies ie. Twitter and Snapchat would take a cross over the venture. If there are struggles with the third party then the changes would not be made through.

Facebook has been under a lot of talks due to the accounts and pages that they removed in the last few days due to the mishaps and illegal posts and messages that were been passed on. Due to this changes that were made in the settings, things can lead to the ups of downs in the market.

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