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Samsung To Develop AI-Powered Multi-device System

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) pushing the outskirts of communication technology, Samsung Electronics is intending to build up a multi-device system – an assortment of AI-powered gadgets that communicate flawlessly with one another – to make experiences more personal and crucial.

The South Korean tech giantput forth its future vision for AI while disclosing this week another AI centre in Montreal, Canada.

“By leveraging the power of AI in Samsung’s products and services, we should centeraround creating new values, never observed nor experienced,” said Seunghwan Cho, Executive Vice President of Samsung Research.

By giving various touchpoints where a client can associate with AI, Samsung said its multi-modal communication platform (voice, vision, screen, contact) will make encounters more pertinent and personal later on.

“One key component that will move AI to being more widely adopted is multi-device frameworks – i.e., a variety of AI-powered gadgets that communicate consistently with one another,” said Larry Heck, Head of AI Centers for Samsung Research America.

“Samsung is interestingly positioned to be a pioneer in such manner. It’s not exactly how every gadget uses AI, it’s the manner by which they use it together,” Heck said.

The recently opened AI centre in Montreal is Samsung’s seventh AI research facility to open this year making it the fourth in North America alone.

The global AI facilities, which are additionally situated in South Korea, Russia, and Britain, bolster the organization’s endeavors in AI that comprise the development of Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby.

Gregory Dudek of the McGill University School of Computer Science and a specialist in an extensive range of AI technologies – from Machine Learning to human-robot collaborations – will lead the Montreal AI Center.

“We are eager to open another Samsung AI Center in Montreal, which will conduct research in machine learning and roboticsenabled multi-modal collaborations,” Dudek said.

Samsung is presently intending to grow its AI research centres to other technology and talent-rich areas.

Not long ago, the organization declared its intentions to grow the number of leading-edge AI scientists to a sum of around 1,000 all around by 2020.

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