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Eating organic food decreases 25% risk of cancer according to new studies

We all love junk food, ain’t we? Cmon its tasty plus cheap plus so tummy filling. Our scientists all over have been up to experimenting some or the other thing. Now as per recent studies, they have been experimenting on how organic food levels down the risk of cancer in the human body.

The study was between the French people versus people who have never ever consumed organic food. Around 68,946 number of people volunteered for this experiment out of which about a four quartile of the number ie. 25% of people who had organic food had fewer chances of having cancer.

As noted in the JAMA Internal Medicine, in a woman, the chances of cancer of the breast was noted as most found during the post-menopause period even while having organic foods.

When asked the people behind this experiment, they said “Organic food standards will never allow synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms used on them. They will always restrict the use of veterinary medications. Due to these reasons, organic products do not contain pesticide residues than conventional foods. We have observed reduced risks for specific cancer sites including postmenopausal breast cancer, NHL, lymphomas etc., among individuals with a higher frequency of organic food consumption.”

This study is related to health and nutrition where scientists are experimenting on different deals with the growth of mankind in the environment.

In this experiment, all the volunteers who had enrolled themselves were asked to provide information on their consumption overall the sixteen labeled organic products which included fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish, grains, ready-to-eat meals, coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, and other dietary supplements.

The follow-up of the sample was 4years during which researchers identified about 1,340 cases of cancer. The most common among the women was breast cancer with a prevalent range of over 34.3%. The next was prostate cancer with 13.4%, melanoma, and Spino-cellular carcinoma at 10.1%, colorectal cancer at7.4%, NHLs at 3.5%and other lymphomas at 1.1%.

After studies and notes, the investigators concluded that high organic food scores were negatively associated with the risk of cancer.

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