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Immunotherapy combined with Chemotherapy can reduce changes of aggressive breast cancer

Breast cancer can be cured if treated on time with proper care and precautions. In many cases, breast cancer is diagnosed with proper medications, regular chemotherapy, removal surgery, and radiation to the mammal gland then it needs very less time to recover than the usual period.

In some cases, even after the proper care and treatment, patients don’t get cured due to specific reasons and lack of the common proteins that are supposed to kill the tumor cells. The first reason being the hormones estrogen and progesterone, the second being the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, also known as the HER2. Many effective drugs lack in order to destroy these tumors.

15%-20% of woman with breast cancer are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer where after going through a number of chemotherapy… the tumor cells do not get killed. The cancer cell keeps on growing in their body due to an end number of medications which fail to do their job and give out positive results.

The scientists from the European Society for Medical Oncology in Munich on their presentation on breast cancer came up with a solution for triple negative breast cancer where they said that if immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy would help in reducing the progress of the disease in the body. When tested on a woman with triple negative breast cancer, about 20% of woman reacted well and good to this therapy.

The test was conducted on over 900 women who were diagnosed with metastatic triple negative breast cancer. Each woman was assigned with one combination therapy and the other with just the chemotherapy.

There have always been questions regarding the role of immunotherapy even been applied in the breast cancer treatment. One effective treatment combined with other effective treatment would make wonders work had a very special feeling as recalled by the scientists working on this project.

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