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Amazon To Raise Workers’ Pay Further After Controversy

Amazon is raising the pay further for some of its employees, and will additionally introduce new bonuses as an alternative for earlier compensation plans, after controversy over adjustments to employee payment, as per Bloomberg.

A week ago, the company declared that it will start paying all of its staff at least $15 per hour, however, the plan soon received adversary reactions from some employees, who believed that chopping certain incentives, including monthly bonuses and inventory choices, would lead them in earning much less overall. Currently, according to Bloomberg, Amazon is changing the preliminary plan.

Initially, a planned hike of $1 for employees already making $15 per will elevate to an extra $1.25 per hour for some of its longtime warehouse workers, including bonuses that would replace early compensation offers, Bloomberg reported. This would allow the employees to earn $1,500 to $3,000 for staying on the firm at milestones over 5 to 20 years, Amazon confirmed.

Yet, its unclear as to how much the company’s announcement will do to ease concerns among its employees. The company has said throughout the controversy that the hike will be enough to compensate other losses, but some employees have remained troubled. This week, the company was asked by a critic, Sen. Bernie Sanders, to respond to the controversy.

Jay Carney, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, responded in a letter provided to The Verge, by saying the employees incline towards the consistency and immediacy of cash, and that the pay rise more than compensates for other forms of payment. The pay elevations are effective November 1.

“We moved rapidly to get this data to our teams as quickly as possible knowing there would be many circumstances that would need to be balanced in between the announcement and November 1st when this new plan becomes effective,” an Amazon spokesperson stated in an announcement. “As we have said throughout this process we’ve been adjusting site by site and person by person as needed since the announcement to make sure everybody experiences the good thing about this variation.”

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