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DoNotPay Now Lets You ‘Sue Anyone’ Through An App

DoNotPay, a free chatbot service that offers AI-powered “robot lawyer”, has launched an iOS app which is designed to help normal people “sue anyone”, reports Motherboard. As per the report, the IBM Watson-powered AI service can be used to “sue anyone by pressing a button” and its focus is on fighting big corporations and to beat complex bureaucracies mostly through small claims court. Earlier, the service can only be accessed directly through its website.

The app works by having a bot ask the user a series of basic questions concerning their issue or situation. The bot then uses the answers to group the case into one of 15 different legal areas, which includes negligence or breach of contract. The chatbot then draws up the documents specific to that legal area, which the user needs to send to the courthouse to become a plaintiff. In case the user wants to attend the courthouse in person, the chatbot will even generate a script for the user to read from.

DoNotPay is the latest project from Joshua Browder, who initially built it to dispute the dozens of wrongful parking tickets he was racking up when he was 18. Nevertheless, over time it has increased in complexity to offer legal advice in more states, for a greater variety of issues including volatile airline prices, ticket cancellations, data breaches, damages, late package deliveries, refunds, non-refundable devices that break right after its purchase, and unfair bank fees. In spite of the fact that the service is right now free (and gives users a chance to keep 100 percent of the money they win in court), Browder has said that he’s thinking about charging for more specialized legal advice over time.

DoNotPay details a major issue with the legal system, or, in other words, it doesn’t make a difference how much protection the law gives you in case you’re not aware of it. Except if you considered law in school or are sufficiently fortunate to have friends working in the legal area, it’s rare for anybody to sit you down and tell you what your rights are in particular circumstances. DoNotPay makes everything fair from various perspectives. It’s not making any more legal rights for anybody, it’s simply instructing them about the rights they already have.

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