Amazon launches free Music Service to compete with Spotify

Amazon took the world for the surprise recently by launching its free music streaming service quietly recently. This service supports ads. Currently, those owners who have Alexa-enabled devices including the speakers enabled with Alexa can use it.

This new service is similar to Amazon Music Service and is currently free for the Amazon Prime members. Through this service, users can access over two million songs through several music stations and playlists. The users will have to pay $7.99 per month for the premium subscription where they can access over 50 million songs.

By launching this new music service, Amazon is hoping that it would be able to retain its customers to the company ecosystem. Although it is unlikely that this new service would have a significant impact on Amazon music’s overall business, however, its launch has already made an impact on another premium music provider, i.e. Spotify. Once the rumor went out last week that Amazon soon would be launching its free premium service, Spotify’s share’s plunged by approximately a to 5 percent. And what’s worse is that it has not managed to rebound until now.

Spotify is an online music streaming service with over 207 million active subscribers across the globe. Out of these, over 96 million are paid, subscribers. With popular companies such as Amazon now entering this space, Spotify is facing a fierce competition ever since its inception. Amazon’s new stream service will take away some of the Spotify subscribers through its attractive plans.

Although currently, Amazon provides its ad-supported services to only Alexa enabled devices such as the Echo sound system. However, soon it would be opening its services for smartphones as well. It plans to offer free music services to its non-Prime members so that they could be included in the company’s ecosystem. If this service is successful, it would be a big blow for Spotify since the majority of its subscribers are smartphone users.

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