Skipping breakfast could increase heart and stroke risks

A prominent health researcher has claimed that to promote excellent cardiovascular health; one should eat healthy breakfast daily. If you have this habit of skipping your breakfast daily, then you are risking your heart’s health to a great extent.

Recently, a team of researchers conducted a study, where they had included 6550 people belonging to the age group 65 and 70. Around 16 percent of people said that they rarely or never took breakfast daily, around a quarter of people said that they had it only on some days and around 60% people said that they consumed their breakfast daily.

However, this study does not state that what kind of drinks or food the participants were consuming that impacted their overall health. The researchers have not made it clear if the participating people changed their eating patterns or in which year they collected the required data.

When this study started, all the participants were free from any heart-related issue. The study went on for over 17 years, 2318 participants were dead. Of these, 619 participants had died from cardiovascular diseases and included those who didn’t consume their breakfast daily.

Those who don’t have breakfast daily also have higher chances of getting obese and high-level cholesterol. There was another similar observational study conducted which got published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology. Apart from heart-related risks, they also included socioeconomic, behavioral and health factors in their study.

The researchers found in their study that those participants who skipped their breakfasts had 81% chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and stroke later on in their lives. And 19% of these people have chances of getting several critical illnesses.

Dr. Wei Bao who is Epidemiology’s Assistant Professor at Iowa University stated that previously many studies showed how if you skip your breakfast, you have high chances of getting hypertension and diabetes. Eating breakfast daily is a simple way to cut down the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Author: Catherine Silva

Catherine holds a Master’s of Medicine Degree. With 5 years of strong experience in the healthcare domain, Catherine has bagged many awards by contributing to the medical domain with her ground-breaking concepts. Catherine has her own technique of working. She is fond of adventurous activities and is always ready to demonstrate her participation in trekking and explore novel places whenever she gets free time from her busy schedule.

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