An outbreak of Hepatitis A goes up to 132 percent compared to 2018 analysis

Since the new year started, calculating from the data entries that were taken since January 1st, 2019 until April 19th, 2019 – a productive raise of about 132 percent of Hepatitis A cases have been reported.

A whole rum-sum of about 45 cases have been officially reported in the recent year by the health department.

The most important and known symptom of Hepatitis is the skin and eyes jaundice. The other included observed and reported symptoms included are the commonest of all being fever or temperature problems, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, pain in the joints, dark-colored urine and somewhat clay-colored stools.

This new report has broken down the percent of the cases which were recorded last year in the year 2018.

The Virginia Department of Health has suggested every individual staying in the area to stay clean and hygiene, keep washing hands to avoid unwanted bacteria’s and get themselves vaccinated with the Hepatitis A vaccine. Also, changing of diapers, then disposing of them in the garbage, washing hands, cleaning the private areas properly is the most important evolution of the whole process.

Also, keeping a note over the records, since the year 2016, more than 15,000 have been in the record worldwide and around 8,500 cases were been hospitalized for the treatment protocol.

As we all know that the Hepatitis A virus gets spread through contact with an already infected person and, eating or drinking things which are already been contaminated with the virus.

Now the main responsibility of Virginia’s health departments is to try and increase the number of hepatitis A vaccinations for all the states contaminated with the virus. And for safety reasons to get everyone shot with the vaccine so to avoid the later outcomes.

Also, the focus of the whole study relies on people who are at a higher-level risk for the contamination of the virus. These people include the recently incarcerated people, homeless people, drug users or abusers and men who have sex with men.

The department has also noted all the people who wish to take a shot of the vaccine to avoid the later turbulences then they are always welcome to take the shot of vaccines.

Author: Catherine Silva

Catherine holds a Master’s of Medicine Degree. With 5 years of strong experience in the healthcare domain, Catherine has bagged many awards by contributing to the medical domain with her ground-breaking concepts. Catherine has her own technique of working. She is fond of adventurous activities and is always ready to demonstrate her participation in trekking and explore novel places whenever she gets free time from her busy schedule.

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