Iowa confirms a disease presence transmitted from dogs to humans

Iowa State’s veterinarian has confirmed that there exist multiple cases of Canine Brucellosis. It is a disease that can get transferred from an infected dog to human and animals as well. In their search operation, the health officials from the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship found out that this infectious condition started from Marion County’s small dog breeding center. The department officials further stated that they had quarried the facility and all the animals residing there. They are also conducting necessary medical tests on these animals.

As of now, there is no direct threat to dog owners. Still, veterinary staff, dog breeders and all those who have chances of coming in contact of tissues, blood, fluid, etc., when dog-birth is taking place or had experienced this process need to contact their physician immediately. The officials also stated that those who bought small dogs from Marion Co., they need to visit their vets directly.

Iowa State University released a fact sheet regarding this disease which recommends that one should have protective clothing pieces such as masks and gloves if anyone is handling these young dogs’ reproductive issues or should assist in deliveries of new pups. They should make sure that they have washed their hands properly.

As of now, the university has stated that they have not found any human infection due to this disease and it’s rare that someone would get it. If a person maintains close contact with small breed dogs, they should avoid it immediately. The infection symptoms are like that of flu-like back pain, fever, and even joint pain. In some rare cases, it can involve the human nervous system, heart or sometimes eyes.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport – an animal rescue center based in Iowa’s De Soto area has quantized 32 purchased dogs from a center while they were undergoing testing. As of now, they have not received the results and as a measure has kept the center closed for some time.

Author: Catherine Silva

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