Toyota Severely Criticized President Trump’s Conclusion Over Foreign Car Imports


Toyota Motor Corp. severely criticized the U.S. administration’s proclamation, according to how imported cars are dangerous to U.S. national security, which indicated potentially controversial discussions for leading business partners at the White House.

The Japanese carmaker rebuked over President Trump’s statement saying if the U.S. is seeking to defend itself against imported cars and components, that signals that the U.S. is no longer interested in investments done by Toyota. The company said it had invested nearly $60 billion in the U.S. and established 10 manufacturing facilities.

According to conclusions rendered by the Commerce Department with the consent of the president, which thoroughly probed imported vehicles and components, they discovered that they threatened national security by staying ahead of the curve of American car manufacturers from the last couple of decades. Consequently, the White House assigned a 180-days deadline for deal negotiations set for car exporters of Japan, the European Union, and others.

Even though Toyota believes that the talks could be settled down easily; it said that obstructing imports would be harmful for US customers, they would need to pay more. The company criticized the move two months after it vowed to invest $3 billion more into an investment plan.

Other automakers were also deeply involved in the issue, but they expressed concerns about the threat from U.S. military forces. The deadline set by more than a dozen automakers from the U.S. and foreign companies will put more than 700,000 of American jobs at risk.

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