Walmart Set to Meet Leading Advertising Companies in New York Event


Walmart Inc. is set to arrange a meeting with big advertising and consumer companies for the first time in New York to pitch advertising division since the company aims to boost its websites and stores with more energy and provide as a platform for other firms to embrace customers.

The move seems company’s first initiative that prompts its growing advertising business and sets a challenge against leading advertising companies including Google, Inc, and Facebook Inc.

The event that called as “5260,” by Walmart, is possibly witnessed by hundreds of companies ranging from Coca Cola, Mattel, and NBC Universal to Procter & Gamble, the sources reported. Besides that, leading marketing and advertising firms in the U.S. are also poised to attend the event, sources added.

Walmart mainly wanted to spur a number of advertisers to shift their interests to Walmart and apart from its competitors. The company believes that an extensive customer base and analysis of consumption trends would also give a captivating sting to the event

As customers buying interest is being shifted from Google to Amazon, insisting companies move their advertising focus to Amazon, the changing trends will facilitate business for Walmart, the company said.

The move could help Walmart shore up deals and edges when income is likely to go under worry from duties on Chinese imports, and the edges are feeling the squeeze from its billions of dollars in internet business ventures.

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