Panasonic Halting Business with Huawei to Comply with U.S. Ban

Panasonic halting Business with Huawei

A Japanese electronics giant, Panasonic is no longer interested in its association with Huawei and ended business with the Chinese telecoms giant, as Panasonic wants to act according to U.S. restrictions.

Recently, the U.S. administration added Huawei to the blacklist and banned American firms from supplying goods and components to Huawei without government approval. Goods that have more than 25 percent of US-originated material are included in the ban, sources reported.

Panasonic affirmed the announcement in an internal statement that it should stop business transactions with Huawei and its 68 associates, which were restricted by the Trump administration.

The ban is signaling a notable leap to ban Huawei, which could set a security risk for the U.S., according to the Trump administration.

The Trump administration has already included the world’s largest telecoms equipment manufacturer on its entity list that barred the company from purchasing software and technology from U.S. companies without government approval.

Panasonic founder and recently Zhengfei has overshadowed the influence of a U.S. ban on Huawei, but pointers indicate that it would result adversely. As Google has banned system updates to the Android operating system, consequently, Huawei smartphones no longer can access some Google applications.

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