Engineers Show Sand Bubbles in a Recent Study

For quite a while, the way granular particles, for example, sand behave has been a riddle, even to researchers.

At the point when it’s moving, sand is like fluid, as found in moving sand ridges, among several other occasions. Be that as it may, understanding the material science of sand’s movement stays obscure.

Presently, a recent study conducted by the University of Columbia showed some promising results with respect to the movement of granular particles. Significant insights were gained from the findings, which associate professor Chris Boyce referred to as “transformational”.

In the study, scientists presented a group of gravitational imbalances in granular particles of various densities. Astoundingly, the mechanism is considerably more like a gas than fluid. The study was published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Discoveries demonstrate a Raleigh-Taylor imbalance, which is when lighter grains ascend through heavier grains as “fingers” and “air pockets.” This kind of imbalance happens when two liquids of various densities that don’t blend interact, for example, water and oil.

Interestingly, for the first time, researchers could show the formation of bubbles of lighter sand that ascended through heavier sand, when both types were subjected to vertical vibration and gas flow in an upward direction.

It’s much the same as bubbles and oil bubbles ascending in water because these particles don’t merge with the water. Because sand, however, the two kinds of sand do blend.

“We have discovered a granular similarity of one of the liquid mechanical imbalances,” clarified Boyce, one of the researchers who conducted the study. “Our discoveries didn’t just clarify scientific formations and procedures that emphasize mineral deposits, however, could likewise be used in technologies required to process powder in the construction and pharmaceuticals ventures.”

To pull off their discoveries, the researchers made use of experimental and computational modeling to exhibit the channeling of gas through lighter sand.

Boyce said that while the study setup might be exceedingly improbable to happen it could be used in mechanical settings on synthetic substances that are intended to respond to one another.

The group is enthusiastic to see the likely impacts of their discoveries since these kinds of imbalances can reveal insight into how the different structures in the planet formed from the beginning of time.

Skipping breakfast could increase heart and stroke risks

A prominent health researcher has claimed that to promote excellent cardiovascular health; one should eat healthy breakfast daily. If you have this habit of skipping your breakfast daily, then you are risking your heart’s health to a great extent.

Recently, a team of researchers conducted a study, where they had included 6550 people belonging to the age group 65 and 70. Around 16 percent of people said that they rarely or never took breakfast daily, around a quarter of people said that they had it only on some days and around 60% people said that they consumed their breakfast daily.

However, this study does not state that what kind of drinks or food the participants were consuming that impacted their overall health. The researchers have not made it clear if the participating people changed their eating patterns or in which year they collected the required data.

When this study started, all the participants were free from any heart-related issue. The study went on for over 17 years, 2318 participants were dead. Of these, 619 participants had died from cardiovascular diseases and included those who didn’t consume their breakfast daily.

Those who don’t have breakfast daily also have higher chances of getting obese and high-level cholesterol. There was another similar observational study conducted which got published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology. Apart from heart-related risks, they also included socioeconomic, behavioral and health factors in their study.

The researchers found in their study that those participants who skipped their breakfasts had 81% chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and stroke later on in their lives. And 19% of these people have chances of getting several critical illnesses.

Dr. Wei Bao who is Epidemiology’s Assistant Professor at Iowa University stated that previously many studies showed how if you skip your breakfast, you have high chances of getting hypertension and diabetes. Eating breakfast daily is a simple way to cut down the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Amazon launches free Music Service to compete with Spotify

Amazon took the world for the surprise recently by launching its free music streaming service quietly recently. This service supports ads. Currently, those owners who have Alexa-enabled devices including the speakers enabled with Alexa can use it.

This new service is similar to Amazon Music Service and is currently free for the Amazon Prime members. Through this service, users can access over two million songs through several music stations and playlists. The users will have to pay $7.99 per month for the premium subscription where they can access over 50 million songs.

By launching this new music service, Amazon is hoping that it would be able to retain its customers to the company ecosystem. Although it is unlikely that this new service would have a significant impact on Amazon music’s overall business, however, its launch has already made an impact on another premium music provider, i.e. Spotify. Once the rumor went out last week that Amazon soon would be launching its free premium service, Spotify’s share’s plunged by approximately a to 5 percent. And what’s worse is that it has not managed to rebound until now.

Spotify is an online music streaming service with over 207 million active subscribers across the globe. Out of these, over 96 million are paid, subscribers. With popular companies such as Amazon now entering this space, Spotify is facing a fierce competition ever since its inception. Amazon’s new stream service will take away some of the Spotify subscribers through its attractive plans.

Although currently, Amazon provides its ad-supported services to only Alexa enabled devices such as the Echo sound system. However, soon it would be opening its services for smartphones as well. It plans to offer free music services to its non-Prime members so that they could be included in the company’s ecosystem. If this service is successful, it would be a big blow for Spotify since the majority of its subscribers are smartphone users.

Global Elevator Safety Gear Market 2019 Latest Trends, Shares, Revenue and Forecasts Till 2025

Global Elevator Safety Gear Market Report 2019 focuses on providing an adequate elaboration of the global Elevator Safety Gear market needs, size and competition. The market study is based on social and opinion research, which interprets the market data using statistical and analytical techniques to offer insights into the global Elevator Safety Gear market and bolsters decision making process. A thorough delineation based on market history, overview, industry environment, and market dynamics is also covered in this report.

The report presents a statistical assessment of sales volume, revenue, and growth rate based on leading market segments such as Elevator Safety Gear types, applications, technologies, leading players, and regions active in the market. The report further illuminates each segment along with their statistical details that reflect historical, present, and futuristic sitch in the market. The details are highly significant for companies operating in the Elevator Safety Gear market as it helps to determine the target market and boost their product in a better way.

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It also offers enlightenment for competitors operating in the Elevator Safety Gear market alongside their corporate profiling, product specifications, and financial details. In profiling, it covers various vital elements such as production locations, organizational history and structure, managerial style, distribution channel, import/export activity, raw material resources, effective Elevator Safety Gear manufacturing methods, promotional strategies, brands, product line, and R&D strengths. Details about their strategic moves, including acquisitions, mergers, new Elevator Safety Gear development, newly adopted technologies, and product launches are also discussed in the report to provide an overall perception of the competitor.

The report renders an astute description of the Elevator Safety Gear market competition which helps a market player to obtain absolute competitive advantage and determines core values, vision, and the market of a competitor. Meanwhile, the report explains technological changes that have occurred in history and current status also it provides projected estimations for the same. Technology improvements are one of the key factors which need to be explored while studying the Elevator Safety Gear market as it represents a tool to obtain competitive advantages.

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Elevator Safety Gear Market Dominant Players :

  • Wittur (Germany)
  • ThyssenKrupp (Germany)
  • SLC Sautter Lift (Germany)
  • P.F.B. (Italy)
  • DYNATECH (Spain)
  • Cobianchi Liftteile (Switzerland)
  • Hangzhou Huning (China)
  • Shanghai Liftech (China)
  • Ningbo Xinda (China)
  • Dongfang Fuda (China)
  • Tianjin Guotai (China)
  • Ningbo Shenling (China)
  • Ningbo Aodepu (China)

Eventually, the report aids the reader to acquire complete comprehension of the Elevator Safety Gear industry by offering analysis of the market projection, industry environment, growth hindering factors, entry barriers, as well as forthcoming investment opportunities, challenges, and various growth-boosting factors. The report will strengthen your ability to become one of the most influential players in the global Elevator Safety Gear industry.

Note: The Table of Contents [TOC] provided above contains the targeted coverage. The coverage is subject to change as we progress with the research.

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Global Acetic Anhydride Market 2019 Segments Analysis: Companies Celanese Corporation, Eastman Chemical Company, BP Global, BASF, Jubilant Life Sciences

Expansive exploration of Global Acetic Anhydride Market including market players, segments, strategies, production, demand, and revenue forecasts.

Market Research Explore is digging deep into the Global Acetic Anhydride Market with valuable research covering in-depth evaluation of several aspects in the global Acetic Anhydride industry. Global Acetic Anhydride market research is an overarching study that covers the historical, present, and upcoming status of the market as an effort to provide insightful analysis alongside reliable estimations for market growth, size, share, demand, sales, and revenue.

The report commences with a detailed introduction of the market product and steers towards deep investigation of market scope. Further, it sheds light on various market segments, including applications, Acetic Anhydride types, regions, and end-users. The report profiles each segment on the basis of their production, sales volume, and consumption (value), revenue, and price trends. It also explores various Acetic Anhydride applications considering market share and consumption growth rates.

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Analysis of crucial Acetic Anhydride market segments including applications:

  • Cellulose Acetates
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dyes
  • Flavors and Fragrances
  • Others (Polymers/Resins/Artificial Sweetener)

The report also illuminates the geographical segmentation of the global Acetic Anhydride industry, which includes regions such as North America, Europe, South America, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and other vital countries from the rest of the world. The report evaluates current regional market performance, price & market trends to predict regions that will report the highest growth during the forecast years. It also indicates the regions that may witness a slower growth compared to other regions across the world.

Thorough assessment of leading Acetic Anhydride manufacturers and companies:

  • Celanese Corporation
  • Eastman Chemical Company
  • BP Global
  • BASF
  • Jubilant Life Sciences
  • Sasol Limited
  • Lonza
  • PetroChina Ltd
  • Daicel

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A detailed competitive landscape of the global Acetic Anhydride market is also comprised in the report that profoundly analyzes competitive advantages, competition intensity, and technological advancement in the market. It offers rigorous elucidation on manufacturing base, production volume, product profiles, sales area, distribution channel, serving segments, as well as players’ performance in terms of revenue generation, sales volume, gross margin, product value, and growth rate.

Additionally, the report provides intense elaboration on Acetic Anhydride manufacturing including the study of major raw material sources, raw material price trends, suppliers information, and concentration rate of raw material as well as production cost, labor cost, costing structure, and Acetic Anhydride manufacturing processes employed by leading companies. Industrial chains, downstream buyers, and raw material sourcing strategies were also analyzed in the report. Influential market dynamics, growth-driving forces, restraints, threats, opportunities, and challenges are examined in the report.

The report also employs various analytical tools such as SWOT and Porters’ Five Forces analysis to study competitive advantages, business strengths and weaknesses at a minute level. Eventually, the report provides authentic forecasts for Acetic Anhydride production, revenue, price, trends, consumption, import, export, and product value that drive clients to intuit the upcoming phase of the market and act accordingly. In the end, it renders valuable findings and conclusions that help market players in building effective strategies and making informed business decisions.

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